Austin’s Glazier Putty

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Austin’s Glazier Putty
5.00 LBS

Born out of the need for a glazing putty that fits the need of historic window restorers across the world, Austin’s Glazier’s Putty is a premium fast-skinning glazing putty that is mildew resistant. The perfect putty for both the professional restorer and DIYer. Manufactured by Sarco Putty Co. exclusively for The Craftsman Blog.

It is an easy to work, knife grade putty that delivers a smooth clean line with minimal effort on both wood and steel windows. It resists shrinking and wrinkling like other putties.

  • Mildew resistant formula
  • For glazing wood and steel sash
  • Ready for paint in 3-7 days
  • Can be used for in shop or in-situ glazing
  • Must be painted, but does not require priming
  • Ships in resealable screw top container