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Pure Whiting


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Austin’s 100% Pure Whiting is what you need for cleaning oils from glass after glazing and mixing with paints and putties to increase workability and coverage.

Whiting (calcium carbonate) has been used for generations to clean oils from glass and it remains a staple in most window restoration shops to do the same today after finish glazing.

Dust the finished glazing putty with a little whiting and using an old paint brush brush it all over the glass to clean the oil residue off. Blow off the remaining whiting and let the putty cure.

Whiting is also great for mixing into oily or runny putty to make it a little easier to tool and work and as an additive to paints to increase hiding and coverage.

Arrives in a terrific re-usable jar with convenient twist on and off cap that contains 2lbs. of whiting.

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