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The oldest and most widely respected sash cord in the industry. If you want the original, it’s got to be Samson Spot Cord.

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Founded in 1888, Samson Cordage Works has been making the finest ropes for over 125 years. Some of their first products were sash cord for double-hung windows and the trademark red spot on their sash cord assures you of the quality.

Its nylon core adds strength and reduces stretch, while its cotton exterior provides chemical, weather, and heat resistance. The result is a long lasting cord designed specifically for almost any size wood window.

My company has used this rope for our window restoration projects, both commercial and residential, for years with fantastic results.


  • Size: #8
  • Diameter: 1/4 in
  • Length: Available in 100 ft hanks.
  • Working Load Limit: 150 lb
  • Max Load: 1000 lb
  • Material: Cotton
  • Core Material: Nylon
  • Color: White with spots
  • Resistance: Chemical, Weather, Heat
  • Type: Solid Braided Cord

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2 reviews for Samson Sash Cord

  1. Andrew Labovitch (verified owner)

    I tried going to my local orange big box store to get rope to restring the windows in my 100+ year old historic house. All they had in 1/4″ size was a junk one and a better one. I got the better one. Then I saw it was stretchy rope and only had a 40-pound working limit. This was not going to work in a window and with such a light working load it was going to snap at some point and smash the window into a million shards of glass. I then found from online reviews that I needed Samson solid non-stretch 1/4″ sash cord with a 150-pound working limit, almost 4x stronger than the other stuff. had it and had it at a good price so I ordered it. This was supposed to be a simple Internet order like I’ve done thousands of times elsewhere. They shipped right away and I patiently waited for it, checking the shipper’s tracking number. On delivery day, with a deliver-today tracking status, after no delivery, late in the evening, the status changed to “in delivery network.” It stayed that way for an additional week and a half. I contacted TheCraftsmanStore who checked on it and the shipper deemed it to be lost. TheCraftsmanStore sent out a second sash cord to me with a different shipper. While waiting for the second one, the first one arrived, with the packaging looking like one end went through a meat grinder. TheCraftsmanStore’s excellent customer service said I could keep both. Wow and thank you. I will probably have other window related purchases in the future, Sarco glaze, diamond points, etc. and I will purchase them from TheCraftsmanStore.

  2. German Martinez (verified owner)

    We have ordered the 1200 foot rolls of #8 solid braided sash cord and has worked very well for our window shop. Less waste and easier to use.

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