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This powder-coated, aluminum and zinc, electro-galvanized steel Classic Arm is designed for those doing extensive exterior or interior paint removal. It doubles the Speedheater™ User’s productivity by allowing the Speedheater™ to heat a second area while the first, heated area is being scraped. Also, it prevents the Speedheater™ from accidentally being dropped.

It has a 10-foot extension with 5 feet on each side of a pole. diameter when attached to a 1 and 1/2 inch, heavy, round pole, pipe or scaffolding (which you provide.)

The Classic Arm comes with two wall brackets and a base. You provide a heavy, round pole, pipe or scaffolding. The pole should be as long as the height you need. We recommend 1 and 1/2 inch diameter top rail used for chain-link fences. The brackets placed around the pole attach to the side of the building or wall to hold the pole firmly in place. The base stabilizes the bottom end of the pole on the ground. The Arm itself clamps to the pole and moves easily up and down and from right to left.

Some customers have created their own free-standing bases for the poles when they do interior work. These bases are heavy enough to counterbalance the weight of the fully-extended Arm. Others have even added locking wheels to their base to facilitate moving their device around on a floor.

Some assembly required.

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