Vacuum Hose 10′


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This setup is to be used with any of SurfPrep’s vacuum compatible sanders. SurfPrep Sanders with vacuum conversion have a 1″ female piece at the back of the tool that attaches to a 1″ ribbed vacuum hose. This specific setup comes with the following parts:

  • 3 feet of flexible hose (SPSCHW-1)
  • 1 swivel coupler for a 1″ hose to 1″ hose (SPA1-1)
  • 7′ Blue vacuum hose (7-SPVH)

This vacuum hose setup will most likely need an additional adapter if you want to seamlessly hook up to a different brand of vacuum.

SurfPrep Flexible Vacuum Hose is impregnated with carbon black which makes it static conductive. The carbon black and the wire help dissipate static build-up in the hose when dust and debris are flowing through it. Keep in mind that the carbon black materials could possibly transfer to the substrate you are sanding.

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Weight 2 lbs


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