Speedheater™ Cobra

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Speedheater™ Cobra
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The Speedheater™ Cobra is the FASTEST infrared paint remover on the market. The Cobra is the perfect tool for DIY homeowners stripping doors, windows, spindles, tight spaces, furniture, and more. For professionals, add the Cobra to your Speedheater™Standard 1100 Kit and any painted wood surface – big or small – can be stripped with the Speedheater™Method.

With its 20-year-tested infrared technology and with INCREDIBLE SPEED the new Cobra strips paint, varnish, and adhesives.

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The new Speedheater™ Cobra strips paint, varnish, and adhesives with incredible speed. The Speedheater™  Cobra is very effective and convenient for both interior and exterior paint removal, windows, and furniture.

  • The concentrated infrared rays of the Cobra soften thick paint in 1-3 seconds.
  • They soften rock hard window putty in less than 10 seconds without breaking the glass.
  • The small head gets into hard-to-reach areas with curves and details like spindles, carved wood, and furniture.
  • It protects our environment by eliminating flying chips and flying dust.
  • It uses approximately 75% less energy than commonly-used heat guns.

Length: 14” (includes handle)
Width: 3.75” (of head)

Weight: 22 oz. (1.3 lb)

Volts: 120V
Watts: 700W
Amps: 5.8

Electrical Connection: 1 phase standard grounded outlet.
Cord: 16 gauge 3 wire, 8 feet long.
Switch: ON/OFF

Dimensions of Heated Surface:
Length: approx. 3.5” /92 mm
Width: approx. 2.8” /68 mm

*UL listed and approved.

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