Austin’s Glazier’s Putty

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Manufactured specifically for us by Sarco Putty, Austin’s Glazier’s Putty provides the same great workability as Type-M putty but with the added benefits of mildew resistance and better performance for in-situ glazing repairs. A great fast skinning putty for almost any window!

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Contractors & Diy’ers

Born out of the need for a glazing putty that fits the need of historic window restorers across the world, Austin’s Glazier’s Putty is a premium fast-skinning glazing putty that is mildew resistant. The perfect putty for both the professional restorer and DIYer. Manufactured by Sarco Putty Co. exclusively for The Craftsman Blog.

It is an easy to work, knife grade putty that delivers a smooth clean line with minimal effort on both wood and steel windows. It resists shrinking and wrinkling like other putties.

  • Mildew resistant formula
  • For glazing wood and steel sash
  • Ready for paint in 3-7 days
  • Can be used for in shop or in-situ glazing
  • Must be painted, but does not require priming
  • Quart size ships in re-sealable press on top container
  • Please recycle or re-use the containers after use.


  • Best practices – Prime the wood prior to installing the putty to seal the wood and avoid it pulling oils out of the putty.
  • Do not prime the putty itself once it is ready for paint. The putty should only get 2 top coats of paint and no primer

Don’t forget your putty knife here

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7 reviews for Austin’s Glazier’s Putty

  1. gary (verified owner)

    Absolutely the best putty I have ever worked with, Dap33 is in the trash can. Easy to apply, one drag with a sharp putty knife trims edge and smooths the finish at perfect angle with minimal mess or waste. Not cheap but saves time and effort, really a no fuss putty once you get the hang of it. 108 panes got me to near expert status.

  2. Sean McLaughlin (verified owner)

    This stuff practically applies itself. It is so user friendly, I believe I could apply it blindfolded. Throw out the DAP crap & pick up a tub of this putty. And pick up some whiting while you’re at it. It cuts the skin time & cleanup time down dramatically.

  3. Nancy Nyberg (verified owner)

    This was the first time I ever tried to glaze windows. I thought I would buy putty from an expert and I am happy that I did! I followed Scott’s instructions and it all worked out well. There is enough putty in this quart to glaze about six window panes. Unfortunately I have to glaze 48 window panes so need to get much, much, more.

  4. James A. Hill (verified owner)

    Good workability, kind of oily but easy to use.

  5. Staub Window Restorations LLC. (verified owner)

    Our company operates in the extreme weather conditions of New Orleans, LA. Finding a glazing putty that worked well with humidity, allowed us to work on site, and also was specifically designed with mildew in mind was hard to find (especially as the pandemic started our usual supply chain).

    We gave Austin’s Glazier’s Putty a try and love it! The texture is great, it skins in 4-6 days as advertised, and is reasonable priced. We will continue to order from and make Austin’s our prime supply for our historic preservation needs.

  6. Jeremy Brennan (verified owner)

    This is an excellent glazing putty. Skins over quickly so it can be painted in a few days. I am currently restoring a 38 opening 4 square home in Tulsa. Works great for reglazing in the shop on a work table. I am also doing a lot of reglazing with windows still in place. The only issue I have had is that when I first open the tub the glaze is too soft to make a ball or rope which makes vertical glazing more of a challenge. Letting stand open helps to firm it up as long as it doesn’t skin. Will be interesting to see how it does in the hot Oklahoma summer. May have to leave the tub open for a bit before a job so it’s not too soft. I think most glazes have this issue and it has not really hampered my progress much. Just harder the first time I open the tub. I use the one gallon size.

  7. Austin Enterprises Group (verified owner)

    FYI, I have used it before and it is second to none as far as glazing goes! Thx for the exceptional product!

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