Original Speedheater™ (Standard Kit)


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The original infrared paint remover for siding and larger areas. The Original Speedheater™ Standard Kit is an amazing collection.

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Tackle your home improvement projects and renovations with confidence using the Original Speedheater™ infrared paint remover. It removes paint quickly, easily and safely, helping you achieve the results you want. The Speedheater™ system relies on infrared heat to efficiently strip paint from the original surface. With one heat application and scraping, the system creates primer-ready bare wood faster than other paint removal methods. This system is ideal for removing paint on larger areas like sidings and doors.

For windows and small areas consider the compact Speedheater™ Cobra

The standard kit includes the following:

  • Speedheater™ IR Paint Remover, Model 1100-15
  • Profile Scraper, Item 4-0102
  • Clapboard Scraper, Item 4-0104
  • Support Bar
  • Instruction and Safety Manual

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